Sunset with the Cascade Mountains and Crater Lake, Oregon.  Crater Lake feeds into the rivers which flow into Upper Klamath Lake, the only lake in the world where the AFA in BrainON flourishes and can be harvested.


BrainON: Pure, God-Designed Superfood

The human body is a marvel of creation. In His infinite wisdom, God equipped this house we live in with a unique ability not found in any machine - the ability to repair and regenerate itself. By studying this book and adding one superfood to your lifestyle, you may experience a significant change in your life and the lives of those around you who suffer from degenerative diseases, be it a family member, a close friend, or even yourself.

Invest your time and energy into this transformative study and uncover health secrets that have been kept from you for far too long. Reap the full benefits of your God-given repair system and embark on your life’s most crucial health discovery. Incorporating a single superfood into your daily diet may activate your body’s natural healing mechanism in ways you never imagined. So, what is this superfood?

Today, you have access to a remarkable aquabotanical called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, also known as AFA, which means “invisible living flower of the water.” This wild, whole superfood is incredibly potent and packed with regenerative nutrients that are proven to be some of the most powerful in the world. The creation of AFA is a testament to God’s divine wisdom.



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BrainOn conveniently comes in two forms: capsules and fresh frozen.


How to Use BrainON Capsules

The suggested use is 2 capsules, 1-2 times per day to start.  Great for travel, at the office, or anytime you are on the go.  Use first thing in the morning, before any activity requiring attention, before exercising, or when you experience a mid-day dip in energy levels.



How to Defrost and Use BrainON Fresh Frozen

Adding the benefits of BrainON to your life takes little time and is easy to do. Following these simple guidelines will help you achieve the best results. BrainON contains no preservatives, therefore it is important to keep it cold or frozen at all times. BrainON will stay fresh in your freezer for about two years and in your refrigerator, for approximately seven days. BrainON Flavored has a hint of organic apple & lemon.



To Defrost BrainON:

• Place the frozen bottle in a bowl of cool water for 15 minutes to partially defrost.

• Pour the thawed portion into a clean, empty bottle (enough for about a 7 day supply) and keep this portion in your refrigerator for your use.

• Place the original bottle of BrainON in the freezer.




 To Make BrainON Ice Cubes:

• Place the bottle in a bowl of cool water for 25 minutes or until completely defrosted.

• Pour BrainON into ice cube trays and place the trays in your freezer. 

• To maintain freshness, cover frozen BrainON cubes with plastic wrap or remove them from trays and store in a sealable plastic bag or covered container.

• Use BrainON cubes straight from your freezer for quick, convenient nutrition.








To Use BrainON Fresh Frozen or Capsules, Try These Suggestions:

• Use BrainON first thing in the morning for a refreshing way to start your day; it’s a wonderful way to alkalize your body.

• Enjoy some BrainON 15 minutes before exercising and feel the difference in the quality of your workout.

• If your energy levels dip in the afternoon and you would like a natural and nutritious lift, drink a tablespoon or two of BrainON.

• Drink fresh frozen BrainON undiluted – it has a fresh “green” taste that many people love.

• Combine BrainON with fruit juice, pour into ice cube trays and freeze for delicious and nutritious popsicles.

• Mix BrainON with fruit juice and enjoy a nutrient-packed drink.

• Use frozen BrainON cubes to cool fruit and vegetable juices or pure water.

• Blend frozen BrainON cubes into protein shakes and smoothies. Your optimal amount of BrainON will vary from 2 to 8 tablespoons per day, according to your daily activities, food intake, amount of sleep, and other factors. Start with 1-2 teaspoons daily for the first 3-4 days, then increase as you desire. Most people regularly drink a bottle per week. Athletes in training often consume 2 or more bottles per week. To give your body adequate hydration and maximize the benefits of BrainON, drink ½ ounce of pure water per pound of body weight daily.




It is one of God’s wonderful laws that our bodies begin to heal as soon as an injury or sickness occurs. His laws seek to sustain the perfection built into our bodies. So, this is our observation: When you become sick, you have, in some way, violated the law of health. For you to get well, you must cooperate with that same law. It is our responsibility to acquaint ourselves with those laws, particularly those which have to do with our health and survival.

Your doctor depends on God’s healing law. No physician, or medicine, whether naturopathic or allopathic ever healed anyone. There is but one healer, God. Whenever healing occurs, it is because we have somehow aligned ourselves with His law.

God created Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, or AFA for the health benefit of humankind and we are simply stewards of God’s creation. Therefore, the reader of this website is strongly encouraged to balance all pro-health statements contained herein with the fact that, to the best of our knowledge, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any of the statements made on this site. And finally, the information within this site related to health and wellness must not be construed by the reader to be making any type of claim for any specific brand name/or product as to the cure, mitigation, prevention or treatment of any medical disease. Thus, health improvements resulting from the information contained here and the use of superfoods are to be regarded as nutritional only.